Hotel Lero’s Piano Bar: A Dubrovnik Gem for Any Occasion

When it comes to meeting friends or business associates in Dubrovnik, I always find myself at the Hotel Lero’s Piano Bar. Just last week, someone asked me why I always choose this spot, prompting me to reflect on the reasons behind my preference.

So often I am asked why, when I have a meeting or meet friends, I always choose Hotel Lero, specifically the Piano Bar. This question arose just last week, causing me to ponder. There must be reasons for my choice.

Initially, I wondered if it was because “everyone else goes there.” You know the golden rule, if the locals frequent a place and it is always bustling, then there must be something special about it. Could it be the easy accessibility and convenient parking? Perhaps it is the consistently professional and friendly staff. Maybe the reasonable prices or the great menu stand out. Or it could be the delightful live music that accompanies every evening. Perhaps it is the combination of the spacious interior and the wide terrace. And how can we forget that it is within walking distance from the heart of the Old City?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons, but I believe it is a combination of all these factors, along with a touch of magic. Hotel Lero’s appeal can also be attributed to its experience in the hospitality industry, spanning over 50 years, offering a continuous service all year round.

Whatever the underlying reasons may be, Hotel Lero should be your top choice if you seek an authentic Dubrovnik coffee and cake experience. Just like the locals, you will discover that Hotel Lero’s restaurants have become an integral part of Dubrovnik’s fabric, especially the iconic Piano Bar where numerous generations have gathered for business meetings, friendly drinks, and romantic dinners.

Whether you prefer starting your day with a full English breakfast, opting for a healthier choice, or simply enjoying a light lunch, sandwich, or salad, Hotel Lero has a solution for every craving. Personally, I am drawn to the delightful combination of a coffee and cake, with their sweet options varying daily.

To put it simply, Hotel Lero’s Piano Bar encompasses the true spirit of Dubrovnik. Its inviting atmosphere, outstanding service, and rich historical background distinguish it as a prime gathering location. The next time you find yourself in town, join the locals and visitors who have made Hotel Lero their preferred destination for any occasion.


1. Why do many people choose Hotel Lero’s Piano Bar in Dubrovnik?
– Hotel Lero’s Piano Bar is chosen for its easy accessibility, convenient parking, professional and friendly staff, reasonable prices, great menu, delightful live music, spacious interior, wide terrace, and its proximity to the heart of the Old City.

2. How long has Hotel Lero been in the hospitality industry?
– Hotel Lero has been in the hospitality industry for over 50 years, providing continuous service throughout the year.

3. What kind of experience can you have at Hotel Lero’s restaurants?
– At Hotel Lero’s restaurants, you can have an authentic Dubrovnik coffee and cake experience. They also offer options for full English breakfast, healthier choices, light lunches, sandwiches, salads, and a variety of sweet options.

4. Why should Hotel Lero be your top choice in Dubrovnik?
– Hotel Lero offers an inviting atmosphere, outstanding service, and a rich historical background, making it a prime gathering location for locals and visitors alike.

– Hospitality industry: The industry that encompasses businesses providing services such as accommodation, food, and beverages to travelers and tourists.

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